A Piecewise Hashing Example

The Problem Cryptographic Hashing What Is Piecewise Hashing The Obvious Weakness Final Thoughts References NOTE: ChatGPT was used to create some portions of the code in this article. The words are mine. The Problem When cybersecurity analysts find malicious files, they share their finding with the greater security community. They run the file through a cryptographic hashing function and share the results of this function, called a hash.

AES-CBC Padding Explained

Encrypting plaintext using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode requires the plaintext to be a multiple of 16 bytes long. All plaintext is padded before encryption. The padding method is described in Section 6.3 of PKCS #7. The Padding Technique If the last block of the plaintext message has 1 byte (e.g., if the plaintext is 17, 33, or 49 bytes), then 15 bytes of the value 0x0f (15) are added to the end of the plaintext.