Proving Congruence For Fun

Background I want to understand the math behind asymmetric cryptography.1 This field relies heavily on Modular Arithmetic.2 I bought an undergraduate math textbook for self-study. This article is a record of a proof exercise in the book. It is also a good exercise in writing math equations using LaTeX. NOTE: I asked ChatGPT to confirm the proof. No grades are being assigned here, the point is to learn. Problem Let \(m\geq1\) be an integer.

A Piecewise Hashing Example

The Problem Cryptographic Hashing What Is Piecewise Hashing The Obvious Weakness Final Thoughts References NOTE: ChatGPT was used to create some portions of the code in this article. The words are mine. The Problem When cybersecurity analysts find malicious files, they share their finding with the greater security community. They run the file through a cryptographic hashing function and share the results of this function, called a hash.

Operate Versus Innovate

Misunderstanding Continuous Improvement Operating Innovating Don’t Do Both At The Same Time Continuous Improvement Redefined Misunderstanding Continuous Improvement Early in my career, “Continuous Improvement” was a popular buzzword. Every company claimed to have some type of program that constantly looked to improve its processes. I misunderstood the concept of “Continuous Improvement”. In my mind, commitment to continuous improvement meant that, at any point during the completion of a task, if a potential improvement could be made then everything must stop while the process is updated.

Useful PowerShell: Dates and Times

In this article: What is PowerShell? Finding And Opening The PowerShell Application Creating A Date Creating A Specific Date Something Useful: Finding Completion Dates What About Weeks? Find The Time Between Dates Conclusion References PowerShell provides immediate value for non-technical users.This article introduces new users to one useful feature of PowerShell without explaining the background of PowerShell and all the details behind cmdlets, objects, properties, variables, operators, members, help, execution policy, etc.

Transfer Your Google Domain To Porkbun

Google has decided to discontinue its domain registration service. As of August 2023, the Google Domains site displays this message: Google recently entered into an agreement for Squarespace, Inc. to acquire all domain name registrations from Google Domains, with the purchase subject to regulatory approval and customary closing conditions. If the transaction closes, you will become a Squarespace customer and, following a transition period, your customer and billing information, if applicable, will be transferred to Squarespace, at which point Squarespace’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will apply.

AES-CBC Padding Explained

Encrypting plaintext using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode requires the plaintext to be a multiple of 16 bytes long. All plaintext is padded before encryption. The padding method is described in Section 6.3 of PKCS #7. The Padding Technique If the last block of the plaintext message has 1 byte (e.g., if the plaintext is 17, 33, or 49 bytes), then 15 bytes of the value 0x0f (15) are added to the end of the plaintext.

Asking AI About Password Length - Part 3

In Part 3, I ask Google’s Bard why it would limit password length to 15 characters in a web application. See Part 1 for the response from Anthropic’s Claude and Part 2 for ChatGPT’s thoughts on the subject. I start with the same question. Starting Prompt Me: You are a web application developer. I am an information security professional reviewing your work. Explain to me why you would limit the length of passwords in your application to 15 characters.

Asking AI About Password Length - Part 2

In Part 1, I asked Anthropic’s Claude AI Assistant to play Web Application Developer and explain why it would choose to limit its application’s password length to no more than 15 characters. In this post, I used the same starting prompt and asked ChatGPT. Starting Prompt Me: You are a web application developer. I am an information security professional reviewing your work. Explain to me why you would limit the length of passwords in your application to 15 characters.

Fixing SPF for iCloud Custom Email Domains

Subscribers to Apple’s iCloud+ have the option of using custom domains with iCloud Mail. You can either purchase a domain through iCloud or bring your own domain. The experience here relates to the bring your own domain option. Configuring the domain to work with iCloud Mail requires several new domain DNS records. I manage the DNS records for my domain on Netlify. Apple verifies these records before completing the setup.

Asking AI About Password Length - Part 1

Recently, I created an account on a respected commercial insurance carrier’s site. The site restricted passwords to a maximum of 15 characters. Account Creation Limits Password Length I know enough about information security to know that this is bad. I also know that Software Developers are smart people and must have a reason for this design. Being curious, I decided to ask our new AI overlords why they think this choice was made by the developer.